M&B are co-authors of vintage favorites Flea Market Fidos and Flea Market Baby and their hot topic title Jersey Girls: The Fierce and the Fabulous. Their years of collecting, styling and signature modern-vintage vibe are evident in all that do.

Flea Market Baby

M&B share the ABC's for decorating, collecting andgift giving forthe younger set. The book is filled withideas for everything from decorating a nursery or kids' room to beginning a collection for a child.  This one of its kind, photo filled book celebrates bringing up baby the old-fashioned way.

Jersey Girls:
The Fierce & The Fabulous

A breed of broad worth celebrating. Cool, confident "JG's" have inspired beyond the boundaries of Bayonne. Hometown girls M&B celebrate all the moxy and mighty hair from Hollywood A-list interviews to the real down-the-shore girls. The photo splashed “cawfee table” book takes you from Atlantic city to the GW bridge to capture the spirit of the TRUE Jersey Girl.

Flea Market Fidos

The M&B girls have spend twenty years searching the world for canine treasures, discovering and photographing litter after vintage littler of Flea Market Fidos - and defining a breed along the way.  Their book is a first of its kind guide to finding canine collectibles and giving them pride of place in your home.